Our Aim

Supporting potential adopters in being the best adoptive parents

Adopting a child is a hugely rewarding and life-changing decision, one that is transformative for both the child and the adopter. Our number one aim is to ensure that every potential adopter goes away with all the information and training they need to be the best possible adoptive parent for vulnerable children.


A world where every child who comes into care obtains a loving, caring and culturally competent placement which, through mutual respect, affirms their identity.


To increase the number of high-quality parents from across the diverse tapestry of the UK population, and to increase the leavel of cultural competency that prevails in parents and professionals.


People first. Celebrating diversity. Freeing potential. Close communities. Living and working with integrity.

Why focus on adoption

Sadly, a large number of adopted children have suffered immensely. Their early lives are riddled with neglect, violence and poverty and their earliest memories are of being shuffled between different foster homes; each carrying their own varying degree of problems.

At My Adoption Family, we care about the lives of children and want to give them the best opportunity in life to be paired with families who can give them the love and care they deserve. We support potential adoptive parents in their adoption journey.

Our Team


Shadim Hussain is the CEO of My Adoption Family. Shadim launched My Adoption Family to improve the experience and support of Black, Asian and Minority...

Head of Operations

Shaqib Juneja currently serves as the Head of Operations here at My Adoption Family. He is responsible for engaging with our partners at an operationa...

Head of Adoption Recruitment & Social Media

Annie Shafi is the Head of Recruitment here at My Adoption Family. She is responsible for leading the recruiting department with all their work. Prior...

Finance Manager

Ayesha Imran is the Finance Manager here at My Adoption Family. She is currently in charge of sales and purchase ledgers, handling the payroll, mainta...

Faith Advisor

Sheikh Osman is the Faith Advisor here at My Adoption Family. He creates and supports all our faith and religious based activities. He serves as an im...