About Adoption Friday

Raising awareness about adoption within the Muslim community

On the day, during the Jummah Khutbah, mosques across the country will talk about the important role adoptive parents play and the demand for adopters from a variety of backgrounds to come forward to meet the current gaps within the sector which sees a lack of BAME adoptive parents.

October 22 2021
National 'Adoption Friday' (22nd October) - Sermon on Adoption delivered at Mosques across the country. Click here to register your Mosque and receive our toolkit which includes a guideline sermon.
My Adoption Family online community event (22nd October, 3-4 pm) - A Celebration of Muslims and Adoption In England. Click here for full details and to register your attendance.

Why get involved?

There is an urgent need to recruit more foster carers and adopters from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities.

There are a number of barriers and misconceptions that deter BAME people from taking the next step in adopting a child despite expressing the desire to do so.

Concerns about Adoption

From data that was conducted, here are some concerns that individuals have about adopting:

0 concerned their housing is not adequate

0 concerned regarding their age

0 concerned their finances not being in a good position

0 More concerned about government looking into history

However we want to send the message that one of the most important aspects is the ability to love and care for a child and give them a stable home.

We know that Black and Asian children are disproportionately represented within the care system and we urgently need to work on bridging these gaps and making adoption a more accessible option for BAME Muslim individuals who wish to adopt.

There has been keen interest from within the communities who would like to adopt but may have concerns they want to address and this day provides ample opportunity for people to seek advice and guidance on the next steps to make that journey possible.

How to get involved

Our organisation was established to help a diverse range of families in England looking to begin their journey into adopting a child.

There are many ways in which people from all different backgrounds and ages can be part of Adoption Friday 2021 and make a huge difference to the lives of struggling children across the UK.

Could you organise a sermon at your Mosque?

We have specifically written a Jummah Khutbah on the topic of adoption which you can join. Mosques will nationally deliver the Adoption Friday sermon and help raise awareness of the importance of adoption.

Could you, your school or madrassah organise an online event or workshop?

It is really easy to get involved, we can provide you with all the assistance you need, along with marketing material to help raise awareness among your community.

Could you spare a few hours to volunteer?

You could become part of this special day and volunteer your time to help keep everything running smoothly on the day. Get in touch and we can tell you what volunteering opportunities we have for you.

Share the message through social media

Can't do any of the methods mentioned previously, don't worry. You could still spread the message of Adoption Friday on your social media and help to generate interest and awareness about what we are doing.

Additional Resources for Adoption Friday 2021