Meera’s Story. 

Meera’s Story. 

An open-minded approach to adoption. 

Meera was always adamant that at some point in her life she would adopt a child. When she got married, she had a conversation with husband and explained to him that in the future she would love for them to adopt. She explained to him that it wasn’t common for Muslim to adopt and she wanted to be a catalyst for change in her community. Her husband was totally on board with adopting at some point in their lives, but he wanted to try to conceive naturally first. 

The couple ran into hurdles trying to conceive a child natural and began their IVF journey. After a few unsuccessful IVF treatments, they decided to look into adopting. They voiced their wishes to their family members and friends, who wholeheartedly supported them, witnessing first-hand how gruelling the IVF journey was for them. 

Meera became quite fixed on the idea of growing their family through adoption during the first lockdown. The months of solitude and reflection had helped to solidify her decision, and she reached a resolution that now was the time to go full force with adopting a child. 

The couple started researching through their local councils and contacting different agencies. When they finally picked one, they found that the social worker that had been assigned to their case wasn’t well informed in working with ethnic minority couples. They felt uncomfortable with the questions that were thrown their way and felt that at times they were handled in a manner that was passive aggressive and insulting. 

They voiced their concerns around the approach their social worker had taken and the adoption agency listened and worked with them. They were soon allocated a different social worker who they felt was a better fit. They felt a lot more positive and felt luck was finally on their side as they quickly went through the stages and were matched with a little boy. Meera and her husband had an open mind with their preferences concerning the race and age of the child they wanted to adopt, and they felt that it was because of this that the process moved along much quicker. 

We asked Meera what she’d say to potential Muslim adopters and she emphatically stated that anyone considering adoption should just go ahead and do it. She advised us that overthinking the situation would only serve to create issues in one’s mind when there actually aren’t any there. Meera and her husband both equally hold that their adopted child has changed their lives in a profound and meaningful way, and they couldn’t imagine life without him. 

‘…before contacting any agencies, make sure to do your own research – and do it properly. The process can be lengthy, but if you’re well versed in what each of the stages entail, you’ll find the whole experience much easier.’Meera (approved adopter.)

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