Life Stories

Image for Zahra’s Story.

Zahra’s Story.

‘‘It’s probably the most challenging experience I’ve gone through… but also the most rewarding.’’ Zahra and her husband Amir assumed once they got married, the journey to having a child […]

Image for Meera’s Story. 

Meera’s Story. 

An open-minded approach to adoption.  Meera was always adamant that at some point in her life she would adopt a child. When she got married, she had a conversation with […]

Image for Maryam’s Story

Maryam’s Story

Maryam and her husband always knew they wanted to adopt one day.  What they didn’t know till much later on in marriage was that that would be the only way […]

Image for Mary’s Adoption Story.

Mary’s Adoption Story.

Mary and her husband had discussed the idea of adopting early on in their marriage; something her husband was wholly interested in. With his Pakistani/Indian roots, he had witnessed a […]

Image for Ismail’s Life Story.

Ismail’s Life Story.

Ismail and his wife married quite young and weren’t too interested in having children right away. They decided that they wanted to enjoy their life together and focus on other […]

Image for Yusuf & Amal’s Adoption Story.

Yusuf & Amal’s Adoption Story.

Yusuf and his wife, Amal, started fostering over 10 years ago. They fostered a little girl for two years, she had been sent to them when she was only two […]

Image for Hamza & Mehreen’s Adoption Story

Hamza & Mehreen’s Adoption Story

Hamza and his wife Mehreen had never looked into adoption, nor had it ever crossed their minds. The couple had no biological children and their family friend’s neighbour brought up […]

Image for Hannah & Imran’s Adoption Story.

Hannah & Imran’s Adoption Story.

Hannah and Imran had always wanted to adopt and had discussed the idea of doing so early on in their marriage. They had a birth daughter and son before deciding […]